Q1: What are API failed jobs?

A1: API failed jobs occur when the AI engine experiences timeouts or produces inaccurate data. To ensure the accuracy of our returned JSON, we actively monitor for such behavior. If a job encounters issues, it gracefully fails, and the status is marked as FAILED.

Q2: Why might an API job fail?

A2: AI engines can sometimes exhibit whimsical behavior, resulting in timeouts or hallucinated data. Our system is designed to detect such anomalies and initiate a graceful failure to maintain data integrity.

Q3: What should I do if my API job fails?

A3: If your API job returns a status of FAILED, simply rerun the job. We understand that occasional failures may occur, and you won't be charged from your monthly word quota for these failed jobs. Feel free to retry without any impact on your usage limits.

Q4: Will I be charged for failed API jobs?

A4: No, you won't be charged for failed API jobs. We do not deduct words from your monthly quota for jobs that encounter issues. You can rerun the job without any impact on your subscription.

Q5: How can I prevent API job failures?

A5: While we actively monitor and manage API performance, occasional failures may still occur. Ensure your inputs are valid, and if issues persist, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for assistance.