Resume Parsing API

Advanced AI-powered Resume/CV parsing features

This page is dedicated to our most sophisticated API endpoint capable of processing diverse file types, consistently delivering a well-defined and structured JSON response format.

This endpoint is anticipated to facilitate extensive word exchanges in request/response interactions through our API endpoints. Parsing a typical resume file involves approximately 2000-3500 words. With the cheapest STARTER subscription for 100k words, you can efficiently parse around 30-50 CV files, translating to a cost of about 0.30-0.70 USD per CV. For substantial CV processing volumes, we recommend reaching out to discuss a customized Enterprise with individual pricing tailored to your projected traffic.

Simple no-tricks pricing

Start using and testing our API with free 100k words during a 30-day trial period.

One Package to Rule Them All

Enjoy the flexibility to scale and adapt based on your needs. If you need more quota you can buy extra word credits in the increments of 100k each.

What’s included?

  • Full Tech Support during integration
  • Documentation & SDK access
  • Free 100k processing words credit
    during the 30-day trial period
  • Earning the bragging rights to proudly display the 'Powered by AI' sticker on your laptop.

100k Words Monthly Subscription

$20.00 USD

Get access

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