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Whether you're in E-commerce , HR Tech , Travel, Tourism & Hospitality , Content & Marketing Automation & Marketing Automation or SEO , we've got you covered!

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Laravel Client Package

Check our Laravel package for interacting with SharpAPI.

PHP Client Package

Check our PHP 8.1 package for interacting with SharpAPI.

Explore with ChatGPT

Let our specialized ChatGPT assist you with integration and SDK for your platform!

What can it do for you?

  • E-commerce:
    • Quickly generate engaging product introductions to attract customers.
    • Automatically create personalized thank-you emails for enhanced customer experience.
    • Streamline product categorization for a well-organized catalog.
    • Sentiment Analysis: Understand and analyze sentiment in product reviews for data-driven decision-making.
  • Content:
    • Easily translate text for a global audience.
    • Spam Content Detection: Identify and filter out spam content effectively.
    • Contact Information Extraction: Extract phone numbers and email addresses from non-standard formats for streamlined communication.
    • Generate concise summaries and unique tags/keywords for improved content consumption.
    • Boost SEO efforts by automatically generating META tags based on content.
  • HR Tech:
    • Generate complex job descriptions effortlessly, saving time in the hiring process.
    • Skills and Position Insights: Identify related job positions and skills to streamline recruitment.
    • Automated Resume Parsing: Efficiently parse and extract information from resumes files for easy processing. Check here for more »
  • Travel, Tourism & Hospitality:
    • Analyze sentiment in travel reviews to improve services.
    • Streamline categorization for tours, activities, and hospitality products.

    Check the full list of API functionalities here »


Everything you need

All-in-one API

Powered by LLMs (OpenAI/ChatGPT) and some of our SharpAPI secret sauce 😻

Integrate with our API, and your app will be so savvy, it will have its own podcast discussing the latest in code elegance and AI research progress. :-)


Check out our FAQ section for quick solutions to common queries. If you don't find what you're looking for, feel free to reach out.

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Easy-to-Use RESTful Format:
With standardized set of endpoints - gain valuable insights through analysis endpoints, covering product categories, skills, and job positions, providing relevant scores.
Extensive Documentation:
Explore comprehensive documentation, addressing every aspect of the API to ensure a smooth and rapid integration process.
Check the Documentation@Postman
SDK / Libraries:
Use the provided PHP/Laravel and npm packages to get immediate access to all of the functionalities out of the box.
Multi-language Support:
Supporting 80 languages for every content or data analysis API endpoint.
Check the list here.
Clean Data Formats:
Rest assured with consistent, predictable JSON format for all returned data. No need to worry about fuzzy AI data.
Tech Support:
Crafted by developers for developers, we provide continuous assistance throughout your journey.

List of API functionalities + examples

Below you will find a list of currently available functionalities of our API.

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1. E-commerce

2. HR Tech

3. Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

4. Content & Marketing Automation

5. SEO

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What’s included?

  • Full Tech Support during integration
  • Documentation & SDK access
  • Free 50k processing words credit
    during the 30-day trial period
  • Earning the bragging rights to proudly display the 'Powered by AI' sticker on your laptop.

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